Custom Publishing Solutions

Exclusively Yours

  • Full-color quarterly magazine created exclusively for your company
  • Original content, images and bespoke branding
  • Up to five pages dedicated to your company and customers
  • The best option for a large organization looking for a circulation of at least 10,000 magazines that wants to enhance a corporate brand


Exclusive + Local

  • Same as the Exclusively Yours product, with the added ability to label for your individual locations
  • Perfect for a company that has several facilities, wants a localized magazine for each site, and wants to benefit from low-volume pricing

Custom Wrapper

  • A less-expensive way to benefit from a custom-looking magazine
  • Published as Wise Magazine and distributed as “compliments of” your organization
  • As few as 1000 magazines per issue, for a cost-effective marketing solution
  • The best option for smaller organizations looking to get ahead of their competition