I want to tell you that I really enjoyed the (Spring 2012) LIV FUN magazine. Thank you.
R.D., Fairwinds Rio Ranch, NM


I am the daughter of one of the residents @ Washington Oakes in Everett. Just wanted to compliment you on your Spring 2012 issue of LIV FUN.  Have read it cover to cover and even sent one of the articles on Sennin-So Shiatsu to my daughter. Nice work … found it to be so informative and relevant. Keep up the good work!
C.V., Everett, WA


In response to “Touch Me” LIV FUN 1:2 Spring 2012:
I had gotten away from touch as I became a more seasoned nurse. Partly because of the risk inherent with a possible misunderstanding as to what I was doing. Nonsexual touch is such an important part of nursing, I have started to do more of it again. I know the therapeutic value of it from an experience at IU Hospital in Indianapolis, IN, where I worked in the early 1990s. That was a time that AIDS was killing many, and the drugs were not yet discovered. I had come to terms with my own insecurities, and with the support and trust of my wife I used touch on a young man who was to die later. I entered the room and asked for his hand and held it in mine and just lingered with it there. I could feel my energy flow into him! I then understood how Jesus must have felt when he exclaimed that very thing when the sick women touched his clothes and He said that virtue had went out of him. It was a remarkable sensation, unlike that I had ever noticed feeling. He felt it too and glowed from his pallor grey skin to pink. I asked him with tears in my eyes how long it had been since he had been touched by someone. He tearfully told me that it had been too long ago to remember, but was after he had been diagnosed with HIV. I put the backs of my fingers on his cheeks and wiped the tears from his eyes. I told him that I was so sorry for him to be treated so. He died a few days later. He did so with me holding him, cradled in my arms and glowing as he had the day I touched his heart and he touched mine. You may share this if you would like.

The sales team includes the magazine in the brochure we hand out following a tour.  Our program supervisor uses many of your articles for the “Aging Gracefully” activity which takes place weekly at our community.  In addition to the activity newsletter, we pass this magazine out to our current residents the month we receive it … We find this magazine VERY useful …
A.W., Petaluma, CA


Thanks for the articles on forgiveness. I needed to do some work in that area where I was stuck on a particularly challenging situation. The ideas in the article really helped me move forward and clear some things up.
M.R., Issaquah, WA


I spoke with my mom and she does get this magazine and really thinks the writing is very good.  Unlike a lot of magazines that show up in her mailbox, she actually reads this one!! Nice work!
J.B., Vashon Island, WA


I’m a relatively new resident at The Carillon in Boulder, Colorado. I’ve just had the pleasure of reading the autumn issue of Livfun (“Forgiveness”) and found it to be most interesting and provocative. Thank you for your efforts. I look forward to the next issue.
E.H., The Carillon, Boulder, CO