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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Autumn 2012
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A Mother’s Story? 
by Carlene Cross

It has been more than three years since the death of my son. I have recovered from the shock, the months when disbelief muddled reality, when nightmares of his voice calling “Mom” drew me out of sweat-drenched sheets.
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Delinquently Damned
by Jeff Wozer

I just Googled “how to forgive” and received 81,100,000 results. To put this into perspective, a “Rolling Stones” search only produced 31,700,000 results. I used the Rolling Stones for comparison, because I cannot forgive them for not performing a 50th anniversary tour this year. Jerks. 
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No Regrets, No Wisdom
by Skye Moody

Mabel is yakking my ear off, spinning her life story in a nutshell the size of New Jersey. She pauses to pontificate, “I regret nothing.” I’ve got plenty of regrets, and keep them to myself, but my brain starts ticking them off, the latest being my regret at coming out to greet the new neighbor over the back fence.
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