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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Spring 2013
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Possessed by the Things We Possess
by Laura Leist

“You can’t take it with you when you go.” My mom lived by those nine words and repeated them often; I didn’t understand their full meaning until September 23, 1984.
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Mother May I … In Reverse
by Sue Peterson, CFA

Having a conversation with your kids can help you go about spending “their inheritance,” without the guilt. Permission. Authorization. Consent. Each of these words implies that, before taking action or making a decision, a higher power of some sort is involved and needs to be sought out and consulted.
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Chanting Into Halawa
by Pam Mandel

Gaining access into this heaven on earth requires more than good intentions. We were stopped in the middle of a narrow, winding road by a vehicle coming the other way. The big guy behind the wheel rolled down his window.
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