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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Spring 2015
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Three Mind Tricks to Ease Your Pain
by Elana Zaiman

Our imagination all too often takes us to places we don’t want to go: “My daughter didn’t call when she said she was going to call. She must have been in a car accident.” “My friend’s headache won’t go away. She must have a brain tumor.” “My feet are in constant pain. The pain will never end.”

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Talking to The Animals
by Skye Moody

Mystery novelist Bill Fitzhugh keeps chickens in his Los Angeles backyard. Each hen has a name: Aunt Ray, Watermelon, Woody, etc. Occasionally, Fitzhugh posts a “Chicken Report” on Facebook, narrating his videotaped visits to the henhouse and lush grassy pecking yard.

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The Ego / Health Connection Exposed
by Thomas Orton

I was exhausted. I couldn’t help cutting corners. And where there were no corners, I cut whatever was there. This fatigue, a symptom of my Parkinson’s, had saddled me with a repertoire of some bad but necessary habits. By bed time every night, I was so tired I pulled off my jeans and shorts at the same time, not bothering to separate them before dropping them in a heap on the floor.

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