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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Autumn 2015
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Going Solo or Singing With the Choir?
by Elana Zaiman

Years ago I heard this story about an African tribe: When a woman in this tribe knows she’s expecting a child, she heads out into the wilderness with a few women friends, and they pray and meditate and listen for this child’s song. When they hear it, they sing it over and over again. And when they return to their village, they teach it to their entire community, so that when this child is born, everyone can sing this child into the world.

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Leaving Amazonville
by Skye Moody

My apartment building is cheek to jowl with Amazon’s main campus. When I peer out our bedroom window I look straight into Amazon offices. Just about anyone who lives in this neighborhood can say the same. One of Amazon’s drone testing sites is so close to my windows that I’ve actually witnessed two experimental package delivery fly-overs and occasionally wonder what I’d do if a drone accidentally crashed on my balcony.

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A Strategic Approach to Friendship
by Tammy Kennon

While it’s no surprise that social isolation can be detrimental to our emotional health, scientists are now finding surprisingly strong evidence that it can be deadly — as damaging to our health as smoking, alcohol abuse and obesity. Conversely, researchers are finding that having strong social connections improves our health, helps us ward off disease, and demonstrably extends our lives.

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