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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Summer 2016
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Advice for the Journey
by Arica VanGelderen, LLMSW

Q: I have always been an independent person, almost to a fault. I wait until the absolute last minute to ask my husband for help opening a jar, carrying the groceries inside, or even fixing the flat tire on my bike! I hate being seen as someone who needs help doing anything.

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Find My Purpose? In This Mess?

by Jeff Wozer

I, without my consent, own 57 T-shirts. How or when this happened, I don’t know. I thought maybe 20, 25 at the most. But not 57. It’s an embarrassing number, bordering on fetish. Even more embarrassing is that I weighed the T-shirts, the cause behind this triggered more by guilt than curiosity. For they say it’s not what you eat that creates guilt-inducing motivation, but rather how much you weigh.

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I Broke Angkor Wat

by Pam Mandel

The crowd faced east, awaiting the rising sun. Seeking a little space from which to observe what was billed as a transcendental moment, our little group of friends wandered across the open grass to a freestanding pavilion of delicately carved 12th century stone. In bracing myself between the footing and the window sill, I pulled away a chunk of rock about the size of a loaf of bread.

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