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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Autumn 2016
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A Funny Thing About Humans …
by David Naster

Humorous thinking helps us deal with tough times. When we make it a habit to think funny, we develop a great survival skill — the ability to manage our thoughts. Don’t believe me? Check out these real stories about real people who laughed through their tough times, proving you need to let more humor into your life.

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Safeguarding Your Personal ID

by Jeff Huse

No company, government or agency has a greater interest in protecting your personal information than you do. Sure, companies have a legal obligation to protect your information. But it’s you, not the company, that feels the consequences most severely when your private information is misused.

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Love Looks Back on Itself

by Tammy Kennon

So begins a poem my mother wrote about me when she was 39 and I was a scrappy 11-year-old, the kind of girl known in those days as a tomboy. It’s unclear why she chose to write a tribute to me alone, the third of her four children. Maybe it was Mom’s small attempt to right my awkward, three-strike entrée into a fully formed family that already had a girl and a boy.

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