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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Winter 2017
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Life Can Be a Chukker
by Candace Wade

I ride, at age 63, in spite of two hip replacements. I quest for opportunities to mount horses. Then I write about them. This vocation may be “finger nails on the chalkboard” for those whose primary goal past a certain age is to work on their legacy. My credo is to keep my juices flowing by challenging myself. I do it on horseback.

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Dividing the Spoils
by Skye Moody

Is that thunder I hear, or me pounding my head against a doorframe? Crack. Crack. Crack. Until my niece pulls me away, and by then I’ve bequeathed myself a football player’s concussion. I don’t remember driving home. Later that evening, my younger sister phones to apologize for what she said, cruel words that triggered the head-banging.

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How to Live to 120
by Nancy Gertz

At the age of 97, Irving Silverman is emphatic that he’s not done with living. It’s going to take much longer to finish “giving back,” he proclaims. I had the pleasure of interviewing Irving after a recent profile in the Boston Globe featured his new book, Aging Wisely … Wisdom of Our Elders, a compelling collection of essays by 75 seniors and selected experts in aging.

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