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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Autumn 2018
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Our Hearts
by Tammy Kennon

We’ve entered a new frontier — we are the first generation to have a life expectancy of 65–79+ years. Technological and medical advances are largely responsible for this “Third Age,” and fortunately scientists have come along with us, continually finding actionable ways to extend our good health — and our good humor — in these newfound decades.

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Heart-Shaped Map
by Pam Mandel

We joke that we met on a reality TV show, but the truth is just as unlikely. He showed up at sunset at Ayers Rock, and I recognized him right away as the person who’d come for my heart. Neither of us is from Australia, but there we were in the golden hour light at that place and time, open to whatever was going to happen.

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The Light Shines Through
by Jeff Thaxton

I had the pleasure of meeting Ted Siekerman in August 2015 when he first moved to Fairwinds – Spokane. He seems to carry his positive outlook with him wherever he goes. Perhaps part of the reason is how grateful he is for life. While serving our country during the Korean War, he passed out after sustaining mortar shrapnel throughout his body.

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