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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Winter 2018
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Our Souls
by Tammy Kennon

Exploring the history of the “soul” is a bumpy ride through science, philosophy, art, literature, religion, spirituality, and lots of –isms. Belief about the soul mines the depths of “self” and “other,” mortality and eternal life, and speculation and the certainty of uncertainty.

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The Sound of Silence
by Skye Moody

On a typical afternoon strolling down Broadway, Manhattan’s pulsating streets radiate a cacophony of sounds that invade my ears. Unlike the three out of five passersby whose ears are budded against the clamor, tuned in to whatever sounds charm their senses, I opt to “be here now.”

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The Power of Positive Deviance
by Laurel Saville

The first time I heard the term “Positive Deviance” was when it was applied to me. No, it was not in reference to any unusual private proclivities. My deviance has to do with the progression of my Parkinson’s disease. Or more accurately, my lack of progression.

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