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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Summer 2019
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The Real Cost of All That Free Time
by Dave Cuzzolina

When planning for retirement, how many people spend as much time on emotional health as they do financial health? Money issues surrounding retirement deserve all the attention they get. No argument here. But life issues, caused by radical lifestyle changes, can also jeopardize retirement happiness and deserve a level of scrutiny many fail to apply.

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Truth, Justice and the American Way
by Skye Moody

Ever been to prison? I have, many times, seated among a group of male lifers, murderers mostly, in a maximum-security room at Leavenworth Penitentiary in Washington State. All male except me, the only female in the room. The lifers were unshackled, free of handcuffs, and each held a powerful weapon in their hands. That weapon was a pencil.

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And Fashion for All
by Carol Pearson

Her steely eyes seemed to dare the cameras to look away as Jan de Villeneuve strode down the runway during London’s 2017 Fashion Week. The 72-year-old model’s chic silver bob set off the dark, rich look of the faux fur she wore to beautiful effect, as she modeled the latest creations of fashion designer Simone Rocha.

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