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It’s the Thought That Counts-Large

It’s the Thought That Counts … ?

by Laurel Saville

Liv Fun: Vol 8 – Issue 4

My father was an amazing gift-giver. He put a lot of himself into the process of finding a gift that would make the recipient’s heart sing with joy. He somehow managed to always hit it out of the park when it came to gifts for my birthday or Christmas.

When I asked him what his secret was, he said he would tune in quickly if he heard someone say, “Oh, I’d love to have” … or “I really need a …” or “I wish I could find … ”

He struggled, though, after I had breast surgery and my body changed. The man who routinely gave me T-shirts with funny sayings began to give me books, jewelry or kitchen gadgets. Don’t get me wrong; those gifts were still perfectly on point with what I love. But, when we laughed over a T-shirt we saw, he awkwardly shared that he’d avoided gifts of clothing since my surgery because he was no longer sure of my size, wondered if some fabrics were uncomfortable, and — most tellingly — was concerned that anything putting the focus on my chest, as the T-shirts did, made me uncomfortable.

Dressing comfortably and fashionably after body-altering surgery or to accommodate other issues that affect dressing, such as autism or dementia, is not an easy transition for the one experiencing the change. Neither is it easy for the people who love them, the gift-givers who want to express their care in a tangible way. Do we have any advice for those of us who don’t want to abandon our tradition of spot-on gift-giving?

Why, yes we do.

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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Winter 2019
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It’s the Thought That Counts … ?
by Beverly Ingle

Do we have any advice for those of us who don’t want to abandon our tradition of spot-on gift-giving? Why, yes we do. Shift your perspective on gift-giving. Let go of the desire — or need — to surprise someone. Instead, talk to the recipient or someone close to him or her to find out more about what they can or cannot use.

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Let Your Dare Grow Long
by Jeff Wozer

I recently celebrated the 38th anniversary of proclaiming this is the year I climb Mount Everest. When I first announced this honest pursuit, at a riotous younger age, I was applauded for my daring. But now when I proclaim it I’m viewed as delusional and wacky.

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Tell Me Something Good
by Nancy Gertz

After all kinds of learning and living, I can humbly say I realize one thing — there will always be more to learn and the quest for answers will continue. Still, I am pretty sure that I’ve nailed three key things that drive human behavior in a positive direction.

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