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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Spring 2020
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The Caddington Hedgehog Sanctuary
by Susie Kearley

The verdant gardens behind the tidy, brick home in Caddington, England, hold a secret; dozens of tiny, lovely secrets. Caddington Hedgehog Sanctuary is home to sick and injured hedgehogs and offers an unusual space for them to recover. It’s run by Angela Smith, who gave up conventional work to follow her passion.

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Just Clowning Around
by Greta Burroughs

Sporting a white doctor’s coat, a bit of bright make-up, and a large, red rubber nose, Robert Mason, aka Dr. Geezer, strolls down the wide hospital corridor handing out smiley stickers to the awestruck patients and visitors he encounters. Bob had no intention of spending his retirement years sitting around the house or playing golf. He wanted to do something memorable, positive and fun.

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The Road to Happiness Starts With Three Simple Steps
by Alissa Sauer

February is American Heart Month, a month set aside to raise awareness for heart health and heart disease prevention. At Leisure Care, living “heart-healthy” is more than being physically healthy. These three steps will help you cultivate an open heart where you are fulfilled in the present and focused on the future.

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