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The Fascinating World of TeleMed-Large

The Fascinating World of TeleMed

by LIV FUN staff

Liv Fun: Vol 9 – Issue 2

About 20 years ago a rather naive young man developed an alarming rash after clearing unwanted plants from around his house foundation. Symptoms appeared on his arms a day or two after the yard work and began to spread dramatically. Not wanting to take the chance to wait out the infection, or whatever it was, the man set up a doctor’s appointment two days after the first symptoms appeared. He had to take time off work and drive over one hour each way to the doctor’s office.

After a long wait in the exam room, the doctor eventually opened the door, took one look at the rash, and before even removing his hand from the doorknob said, “That’s poison ivy; you have been in some poison ivy.”

He prescribed the standard treatment and sent the man on his way with instructions and assurances that all would be well again in one, maybe two weeks. It occurred to me (yes, I was the man who had never had a poison ivy reaction in his life up to that time) on my drive out of the city that there surely had to be a more efficient way to deal with a problem like this. Couldn’t the doctor have viewed a photo of the rash or, even better, conducted a live video session with a patient, drawn the same conclusion, and prescribed the same course of treatment?

It may not have saved the doctor much time, but think of the patient and how the time between the first alarm and the prescription could have been shortened.

Fast forward to this century, and companies like Telamed, Teledoc, Doctors on Demand, Virtual Visits, Virtual Clinics and more offer assistance and diagnosis via computer or smartphone from virtually anywhere on the planet. And the trend is estimated to grow at 18% per year for at least the next few years.

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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Summer 2020
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The Fascinating World of TeleMed
by LIV FUN staff

Telemedicine companies like Teledoc and Virtual Visits offer assistance and diagnosis via computer or smartphone from virtually anywhere on the planet. Quick virtual access to a health professional has some real advantages.

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