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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Autumn 2020
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The Big Squeeze
by George A. Santino

Like many of you, I’m retired, and I’ve never been busier. If you’re like me, you may look back and realize that while you had a successful career, a lot of things you wanted to do didn’t get done. You put them aside for later, and now later has arrived.

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by Rabbi Elana Zaiman

I work at a retirement community as a part-time rabbi and chaplain. The painting pictured here, a recent acquisition, hangs in our TV lounge, adding an air of eloquence. I love this painting. Each time I look at it, I see something new, and in this time of COVID-19, this is refreshing.

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Staying Apart, Together
by Greg Clark

This issue of LivFun could not have been more timely. Leisure Care communities have never been more creative in cultivating connectedness and finding happiness in unconventional ways. As the last few months have forced us to stay physically apart, our communities have come together like never before.

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