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Liv Fun

by Leisure Care
Spring 2016
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by Deborah Grassman

“Oh, wow!” According to his sister, and reported in The New York Times, those were the words Steve Jobs exclaimed just before he died. Is it possible to discover that “Wow!” earlier in life? Could aging connect to that “Wow!”, offering something we need? Have we gotten too arrogant or controlling to realize that aging has something to teach us?

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The Sky Is Falling

by Brad Jensen

Do you remember the children’s story about Chicken Little and Foxy Loxy? The Brothers Grimm tale starts when an acorn inexplicably falls and hits Chicken Little on the head. Panicking and believing the “sky is falling,” she sets out to tell all her friends. We’re then led on a madcap tour as Chicken Little and her friends scurry around telling everyone near and far that the sky is falling.

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Taking it on Faith

by Elana Zaiman

Do you trust your doctors? Do you believe in your body’s ability to heal? Does prayer play a part in your healing process? Dr. Larry Dossey, internationally known in the field of spirituality and medicine, has been gathering research in these areas for years, and he has discovered that an affirmative answer to these questions is essential to the healing process.

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